10 Ways to Raise Your Positive Vibrations!

good vibes positive vibes Feb 07, 2022


What you say doesn’t matter at all….not unless you have your vibe right. 

So. What’s VIBE? My favorite definition of Vibe (and I’m paraphrasing here) : a person's emotional state as communicated to and felt by others.

Vibes or Vibrations are like tv channels. If you want to connect in fun, joyful, profitable ways with people, you’ve got to tune your vibe to their channel. To tune to those fun, joyful, profitable channels, your vibe needs to be fun, joyful, profitable. 

Your vibe attracts like - vibing people, experiences and outcomes. That means your vibe – your vibration in the universe determines whether your very life will be filled with what you want or what you don’t want! I’m sure you’ve heard that like attracts like. Getting your vibe right is everything! 


Have you ever had a horrendous day that just keeps getting worse? I know I have. Some days, it seems that everyone I encounter is a jerk! But if everyone I encounter in a day is a jerk, I know that means I’m probably the jerk. 


I’m guessing you’ve had a morning like this: 

Running Late – Bad sleep then have to rush out the door. 

This is the day that one sock of the pair decides to give up and die of holiness

Trash cans still out from the night before

Someone blocking the alley behind the house – nowhere to be seen. Jerk.

Fuming as I get on the road

On empty – Rush to stop for gas and two pumps I try out of order. Jerk Gas Station. 

Trying to merge onto the highway and no one will let me in. Jerks. 

By the time I get to the breakfast meeting (ok this is a precovid example) I’m questioning life!

I make it in time and then the person I’m meeting is 20 minutes late. After I rushed! -Jerk! 

Can you imagine my emotional energy, my vibe for the appointment? – I'M A JERK! 

Picture what it would be like to spend time with me while I’m vibing like this….

JERK VIBE, in case you’re wondering, isn’t productive & won’t help you find ultimate fulfillment!  

I’ve also had incredible days – Have you? You know the type of day – 

Blue skies and sunshine, Sunroof open, with the love of your life cruising from delicious lunch to delicious ice cream place with your favorite music blasting. 

Picture what it’s like to spend time with me on those days. 

That vibe is joyful, attractive, productive.! 

If you have ever been on a winning streak, you know all about the winning vibe. Everyone says yes. Well, you bring the amazing energy and it compounds and you hop from one awesome interaction to the next – your vibration is at a super-high frequency and people respond! 

Hopefully, by now you believe me that your vibe, is everything, but you may wonder what it matters. You may be thinking you have no control over your vibe. If you know me just the slightest bit, you probably know I’m not going to let you off the hook that easily! 

So if we agree that vibes are everything, and our vibes come from our emotional energy, it follows that we must manage that energy to keep high vibrations! High vibrations = High Performance. Since I’m your high performance coach, let me share 10 ideas to help keep that vibe sky high! 

I have 10 top tips to help you manage your emotional energy and therefore your vibe. Grab your journal, take some notes with my ideas, and most importantly add some ideas of your own – next time you’re vibing low, you’ll have a way out! 

  1. Gratitude
  2. Movement
  3. Music
  4. Meditation
  5. Visioning
  6. Nutrition
  7. Sleep
  8. Journaling – Vision, Dream, Contemplative, Poetry
  9. Giving – Volunteering
  10. Breathe

So, you want more love, more joy, more sales? Work on that Vibe! Lighten up, have fun with it, and as soon as you allow for higher vibrations, you will attract more love, more joy, more profit!