Be a Confident Beginner

blog confident beginner grant muller growth high performance coach try something new Jan 21, 2022

Mastery is Overrated. It's SO much more fun to be a beginner!

There is no better teacher than action. When we take action, we learn the most. If we are willing to be beginners, we can take action faster!

The truth is no one wants to engage with the buttoned-up version of you. Your people want YOU - not the corporate salesy caricature of you!

So, embrace the beginner mindset. Have fun, explore, be playful, try new things and gain confidence... you will grow endlessly.

Go out and try something new this week.
Fumble around and take imperfect action.
Then try again and again until you're no longer a beginner.
Then find another new challenge.
This is how you will grow!

You can do it! Go be a confident beginner. I can't wait to hear about your success as an expert beginner!