Top of Heart book by Grant Muller

Top of Heart

Right now you’re working your butt off — and for what? The steadfast thinking in business and sales for decades has been to make yourself top of mind.

Entrepreneurs and sales professionals are taught to stay in touch, follow up, and then stay in touch some more. When your customers eventually need your product or service, they’ll know exactly who to call. Right? Keep on communicating, whether it’s welcome or not.

But at what cost?

Constant communication might close the short-term sale, but will it create the genuine long-term relationships vital for future sales, reputation building, and referrals? The inherent flaw in top-of-mind thinking is that it inadvertently bypasses the way we truly connect as human beings — through our hearts.

Top of Heart, a memoir-with-a message, tells the story about my shift from top of mind to top of heart. I took on the pressures of trying to outwit my way to the top, and when I arrived, I was lost and unfulfilled, leading to a self-created hell of misplaced purpose, a loss of identity, and, ultimately, addiction, desperation, and near death.

I found my way out by learning how to navigate life — heart first. And I found my way up the same way — by creating a Top of Heart worldview.

Grant Muller taking notes

What is a Top of Heart worldview?

  • The permission to get real and make meaningful, emotional connections.
  • Going beyond a surface level approach of know-like-trust to deep, genuine, human belonging.
  • Ignoring pushy self-centered sales practices and turning to a truly human, heart-centered approach.
  • Fulfillment focus versus achievement focus. Free yourself to find
    fulfillment first, which will allow the ultimate achievement to follow.

If all roads in your sales process lead to what YOU want, you’re manipulating, not selling.

But you can get everything you want. You get rich by getting real. When we embrace the Top of Heart approach, we unlock our true sales potential. In fact, we unlock our true human potential. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or working in sales, Top of Heart™ will change the way you do business, from first point of contact, all the way through building real, long-term, client relationships.

This story will inspire you to dig deeper and discover a new, more meaningful, and ultimately more successful way of doing business.

Make more money along the way 
Sell more than you ever thought possible 
Live an inspired life 

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Top of Heart by Grant Muller

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